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Paying for Ridgewood Club Membership

Membership Level Description / Requirements Fee
(by check)
Total Fee
(by credit card)
Family Membership Membership approved by board. $575.00 $592.48
Couples Membership Membership approved by board. Two adults.(1) $425.00 $438.00
Single Membership Membership approved by board. One adult member, no children. $325.00 $335.02
One-Time Initiation Fee You must pay this with your membership dues if you are a new member (exception is if you are signing up for one-time trial – fee will be waived one year) $250.00
Notes: 1. Couples membership may be used by those with no children, or those whose children are all over 18 years old. Couples membership may also be used by a single adult with 1 child of any age living in the same household.
Ridgewood Club Members may pay their dues two ways:
1. Send your personal check (see column 3 above for amount) to Ridgewood Club, P.O. Box 2002, Chapel Hill, 27515
2. Select your membership level and click the button below to use PayPal to pay via credit card. Your credit card will be
charged an additional fee (shown in column 4 above), because Ridgewood Club is charged by PayPal when you use this method. You need not
have a PayPal account to use this payment option.

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