2022 Membership Rates

There are lots of ways to be a part of your neighborhood pool. Take a look at our 2022 membership options and see which one works for you!  Then complete an online application form in our membership management system, Membersplash.

Ridgewood Club Membership Levels

Family Membership: Family dues are $575 and are for families with more than 3 or more adults and/or children.

Couples Membership: Couples memberships are available for two adults  or one parent and one child.  Couple dues are $425.

Single Membership: Dues for a single member are $325.

One-Time Initiation Fee: $250

Trial Membership: Initiation fee is waived for one year — a great chance to try out the pool for the summer and save a little money.  Contact Ridgewood Membership for more information.  

Neighborhood Card: The Neighborhood Card is available to non-members who are: A) 60 years of age or older, or B) are full members of another swim club in town.  The cost is $75 for a 10 punch card.  1 punch is used per person.  Neighborhood Cards can be purchased at Ridgewood Pool’s front desk, after verifying the requirements above with membership.  Contact Ridgewood Membership to verify you qualify.