Pool Parties

Are you having a party or get-together? Why not host it at your neighborhood pool?

Ridgewood Club members* may sponsor and rent the pool for private parties any day of the week after pool hours (8 PM -10 PM) or on Sundays from 10 am-12 pm, or anytime before 4:30 pm when school is still in session. Smaller parties also can be hosted during pool hours.

Private Party at Ridgewood After/Before Hours

$150 Fee

  •     Allows up to 50 guests – Additional cost for more.
  •     2 Hour rental – Additional cost for more
  •     Entire Pool facility is reserved.
  •     Lifeguards on duty.
  •     Sundays (10-12pm) or any day of the week after 8 pm.

Parties During Pool Hours

 $75 Fee

  •     Includes 1 guest pass for 10 non-members.
  •     Reserves two long party tables in the shade.
  •     Lifeguards on duty.
  •     Pool members attending the party are not limited in number.

Contact our social planning crew for more details.

More guards may be needed depending on number of attendees.

*Members must be 21 years or older to rent the pool and must be present for the length of the party.

Party Payment (total includes PayPal charges)


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