Rules and Policies

Ridgewood Club of Chapel Hill, Inc.

Please see the Ridgewood Pool COVID-19 policies for rules that are currently in effect and supersede those listed on this page.

  1. All guests must sign in and be accompanied by a member at all If the guest is not swimming, or a family member living beyond a 100-mile radius of Chapel Hill, they are to be admitted free of charge. If the guest is living in a member’s household (not visiting), they are also to be admitted free of charge. The charge for guests is $5.00, payable to the lifeguards on duty. Guest passes for 10 individual guest visits may be purchased for $40.00 from the guard on duty. Passes expire at the end of the season. Guests are not currently allowed at the pool.  See the COVID-19 policy document linked at the top of the page.
  2. Children under 9 years of age and children who have not yet completed 4th grade must be accompanied by a chaperone not less than fifteen years of age. All non-swimmers, regardless of the use of flotation devices, must be accompanied at all times.
  3. Unless accompanied by a chaperone in the water, youth who have not passed the swim test may not use the deep end. The swim test requires swimming across the deep-end twice and then treading water for three minutes.
  4. The wading pool is for the exclusive use of children ages 5 and under. Siblings are allowed. Children using the wading pool must be under the direct supervision of a parent or responsible babysitter. Please ask the manager before turning on the hose.
  5. Please shower before entering the pool. Proper swim attire is required. Appropriate diapers should be used in the main pool and wading pool for children who are not toilet trained. Please see the manager on duty for details.
  6. Running in the pool area is prohibited. Running entries are allowed in the deep end from within the second concrete slab and are allowed in the shallow end from within the first. Skates, scooters, etc. may not be used on deck.
  7. For the safety and comfort of all members, recreational floatation devices, balls and other toys will be permitted in the main pool at the discretion of the guards. Do not jump from the side onto such items.
  8. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times and inappropriate behavior will be determined at the discretion of lifeguards and pool manager.
  9. Diving is not allowed in the shallow end.
  10. Guards will clear the pool of youth under the age of 18 (Lifeguards are an ) for a 10-minute period at the beginning of every hour. Parents may accompany small children during this time. Youth ages 13 and up may lap swim with the permission of a manager or head lifeguard. Additional breaks may be called at the discretion of the lifeguards. Adult swim time is postponed until the COVID-19 policies are no longer needed.
  11. Smoking is not allowed within the pool enclosure.  Please do not eat near the pool edge.
  12. No Glass bottles or other glass containers permitted at the pool.
  13. Radios/laptops/personal devices players may only be used with earphones.
  14. Long distance calls are not allowed. Please limit calls to two minutes when others are waiting. Lifeguards are not required to answer the phone.
  15. Animals, (except personal service animals such as guide dogs for the blind) are prohibited within the pool enclosure except on special designated occasions.
  16. Do not leave valuables in the bathhouse.  The club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles, although we do maintain an area for unclaimed items.
  17. All members and guest shall obey pool rules and treat others courteously. The staff may evict any person not in compliance with the rules, disregarding or disobeying reasonable directions from lifeguards, or engaging in disruptive, abusive, or other unacceptable behavior.
  18. Additional rules are posted around the pool. Please note the deep end rules posted behind the diving board.