Pool Opening May 22nd 2021

We are excited to open the pool this year. As you all know, it has not been a given that we could open.

Our goal is to help create a safe and pleasant environment for our members, and with your help, we think we can safely open the pool. On-going safety depends on member adherence to the policies and consideration for our community.

The pool is a special and fun place and we’re doing all we can to balance safety and member satisfaction.  

View of the pool

A document outlining the new policies the pool will be following can be found here (updated 6/25). A quick summary is:

  • No more than 40 people will be allowed in the pool area at a time (not including staff). The pool occupancy can be no more than 30 in the big pool and 2 in the baby pool.
  • Disinfecting stations with cleaning spray and hand sanitizer have been established around the pool deck.
  • An online reservation system will allow members to book a slot for 1 hour and 40 minute up to 4 times/week. An online system will be used to view and make reservations. Invitations will be sent out to all members who have paid their dues.
  • The one-way “entrance” to the pool area will be the main sign-in gate. A new one-way “exit” gate has been established alongside the parking lot fence close to the ping pong area.
  • Face coverings are encouraged to be used while entering and exiting the pool gates and any time you are not in the water. Please do not wear face coverings in the water.
  • Children under the age of 15 must be supervised by an adult.
  • No guests will be allowed at this time
  • The ban on large floats and water guns has not been changed.

Please see this document that was emailed out to members for the full policy that will be in place. The Pool board has come up with these polices based on guidance from Orange County and North Carolina for Pools and Spas.

New Pool Hours

Monday – Saturday10am – 7:30pm
Sunday12pm – 7:30pm